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My Priceless Friend Has Wrecked My Life

As the Executive Director of Priceless, I am committed to staying on the front lines with our team and not just leading from my office. I am a mentor to a woman I will call Tia. Tia is in the battle of her life struggling with severe depression. She is safe now, narcotics free, surrounded by people who genuinely care about her, and best of all, she is a brand new follower of Jesus. But this new world where she is not under the control of a vicious pimp, free from beatings and abuse, free from constant chaos and living in survival mode,

Stats Can Change One Life At A Time :: Priceless Update

The transit center….I am sure my discomfort was obvious but Kari recently freed from a life trapped in the sex industry, needed for me to see, smell, and touch the places that had shaped her life. The two of us with the crew from Chanel 2, stood in that place just taking it all in.

Every face told a story, I wanted to hear everyone of them. But today was all about Kari’s story. We saw the corridor where she was raped as a young teen. She told of the security guard who saw what was happening to her shrugged off her cries for help.