We see testimony of the impact of our work by watching victims experience true freedom. We are about sharing their powerful stories of life change and hope with you.

These stories are the strongest form of testimony that the work of Priceless is making true, lasting impact in Alaska.

We desire to see hundreds of these stories of hope come to life in our state.



After running away at age 12, I was offered some money to do massage. I didn’t know what that meant at the time. I cried after my first client but the money afforded a night in a hotel, off the street, for a good night sleep and a shower. Soon, I was under the care of a man who forced me to work all the time and took all my money. I also began to run drugs for him as well. I got caught by the police for selling drugs and was given three years in prison. The first night in prison was the first night of freedom I had experienced in years. After I got out, I got caught up with a pimp again. It was the only way I knew how to survive. Priceless came into my life through a friend. I could not believe that anyone really wanted to help, but they did. They asked for nothing in return. I couldn’t believe this was all real. They saved my life, these women I did not even know. They cared about me and my future and showed me a way out. My life is forever changed.” – Priceless Survivor

I had thought that there were no places  for me to get the support i needed, not only did I receive that support, but it was done in a safe way, if this place of support hadn’t helped me when it had, my future may have been a very dim one, I can’t repay Priceless, but I can give back what’s been taught to me, and thats been a whole lot!” – Priceless Survivor

Many of our survivors have been branded with markings and tattoos to show ownership from their pimp. We were able to get one of our survivor’s marking tattoos covered with something meaningful to her. After the artist completed the new beautiful tattoo our Priceless gal cried and said, “I am finally my own and I am no longer marked as someone else’s property or a piece of meat.