Our Priceless Mentors are the heart and soul of Priceless.

Each survivor is paired with a team of 2 mentors to take the journey towards a new life. This team of mentors represents the first taste of healthy community. Our mentors are regular women who have a heart to walk with survivors as they recover.

These “communities of three” also have a case manager and perhaps a counselor involved as well. Mentors ensure that a good plan is followed, but beyond that, they do not counsel or take part in the clinical recovery side of life. They represent a taste of normalcy, consistency and fun during the recovery.

Our mentors can be found taking their survivors shopping, out to dinner or coffee, on long walks with the dogs, to the movies, and anything else to breathe some life into the dark places. Mentors teach healthy boundaries and provide a good sounding board. We have often heard it said from our survivors that time with the mentor is the first time they have laughed or felt safe in a long time.

It is this powerful relational connection that sets Priceless apart from other service providers. In the safety of a new friendship, trust is born and healing can begin and has the best chance of being sustained over the long haul.

Because the mentors role is to model healthy boundaries and community, the mentor training focuses on the mentor’s personal spiritual development first and sex trafficking-specific training second.

Please check our events page for the dates of our next upcoming training.